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Computer Repair and Consulting

Loveland, Colorado

We can come to you


you can have this Remote Virus Removal service performed via remote access.



Don't let someone from overseas or an untrusted service access your computer!  If you have a popup that won't go away and is asking you to call a phone number or download something...


Even if it says it's from Microsoft, Apple, Norton, or another trusted provider.

These are fake websites created to scare you into calling. 

From there, they will use technical jargon and scare tactics to scam you!

Call 970-775-1234 and we can help!

Caveman Computer Consulting is a company that you can trust

Located in the USA.

Computer Consulting and Repair in Loveland, CO

Computer Repair, Data Recovery, Remote Support, and more!

Remote Support:  Get rid of annoying popups that won't go away, set up a new email, set up a printer...

Whatever your remote computer repair/setup needs are, we are here to help!

Hard Drive Replacements/SSD Upgrades

Screen Replacement

Hardware Diagnosis

Motherboard Replacements

Ram Upgrades

Video Card Upgrades

We fix it Fast!  No waiting around for weeks to get your computer back. 

In most cases, we can have your computer back to you within 24-48 hours


Caveman Computer Consulting is here to help and we make house calls!  

We offer a wide range of computer repair services and this is only a partial list of services offered.

Call 970-775-1234 for a quote.

Device Setup

No job too small or large for Caveman Computer Consulting.

Email setup, printer setup, home networks, shared files and more 

House calls are available.

Password Recovery/Resets

Forgot your password?  If it can be recovered, Caveman Computer Consulting will make it happen!

Wix Website Training and Free Websites

Bringing the power back to the people when it comes to web design!


     Become your own web designer with minimal training.  We will get you set up with the basic framework and skills necessary to add/make changes to your site within 1 hour. 

Whether it's pictures, videos, a blog, or an online store, we can get you up and running fast!


     Simple drag and drop builder no coding necessary. 


What you see is what you get!

No need to pay someone hundreds 100's of dollars monthly to "maintain" your site.  

You can have a completely free website!

You can do it yourself!

Free website hosting available!



Caveman Computer Consulting is here to help. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.