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Gifts and Gadgets

Oculus VR Headsets

and HTC VR Headsets

The Oculus has been the made popular VR headset for years now.  With the lower price tag, it allows almost anyone to get into the world of Virtual Reality.

If you have the budget and want to splurge...

I suggest looking into the higher end models here:  

The Tap Strap

A Mouse and keyboard all in one hand.   

I'm Not sure if this is the best choice if you need to type fast, but would be a great tool for presentations

Random  Electronic Gadgets

"Laser" Keyboard and Mouse

Begin "Laser"... Keyboard ignition sequence!

This gadget 

This gadget doesn't have the most amazing reviews (3.5 stars), but looks like a lot of fun.

Random  Food Gadgets

Guac-Lock Guacamole Saver

Keep your Guacamole green and fresh for much longer.  This gadget stops your guacamole from getting brown by removing the oxygen/air.  Instead of a few hours, now you can store your guacamole for 3-4 days!

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Fresh Herbs from this auto watering indoor herb garden will really spice up your cooking.  Popular choices include, but are not limited to cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme, and even chili peppers.

Cold Brew at Home!

Who wants cold brew!  Make it at home with this "Deluxe" Cold Brew coffee maker.  It only takes around 8-36 hours to brew!... 

Well... Who wants cold brew tomorrow! 

Good things take time.

Macbook Pro

For the low low price of $2099 you too can own a brand new 16" Macbook Pro!

     While I will admit, this is quite the chunk of change, this computer will change your world (especially if you are into video editing) and/or running on an older mac. You should get 10+ years of usable life out of it as long as you are careful with your coffee. (I recommend getting a 3rd part insurance that will cover accidents such as spilling coffee on your keyboard)

     If you average it out, it will cost about $200 a year to own an up to date macbook whether you buy it new or used. For example, a macbook pro that has 2 years of updates left before being outdated by apple will run you at least $400 (with some defects) and up to $1200 on average.  The older macbook will also be a turtle compared to this one.

Best Video Editing Laptop

The Macbook Pro has been recognized as one of the best computers for video editing on the go.

With its 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor and DDR6 video memory, you won't have to wait 10 minutes to see a change you just made in Final Cut Pro, then decide you don't like it, then wait another 10 minutes for your new change to render...

This should have all the power you need to be efficient and edit in real time without spending half the day waiting on the computer.

I highly recommend this machine. You will not be disappointed.

Bottom line, If you have the cash to drop, this is the only computer you will need for the next 10 years and will save you time and money in the long run.

Hey Look!  More Macbooks!

Yes... They are expensive...

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